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It isn’t wrong to say that a cooker or range hood is one of the most necessary appliances in the kitchen. It offers many satisfying benefits which can’t be ignored. Other than cleaning the air, it helps to keep your kitchen free of extraneous smells, different odors, & excessive heat. We at Install New Cooker realizes the importance of having an efficient cooker hood & therefore offers our professional cooker hood installation services.
Availing our range hood installation service will help you in many ways. Some of which are discussed below. It’ll help you to have more clarity as to why our services will prove to be worthy of your attention. We’ve also addressed below some benefits of having a hood – so you can decide better – if you’re still unclear about your decision (as to buy a hood or not or if you already have than what’re the benefits)

cooker hood installation service

Benefits of installing a hood in your kitchen:

There are many advantages to installing a hood in your kitchen. Many people think that a hood is something which they can live without. But keeping in view the benefits – the previous statement can’t be justified. Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the significant benefits that’ll make your cooking easy & life easier. After discussing the benefits, we’ll talk more about our expert cooker range installation service.

Purity in air:

Usually, when a person uses his/her cooker range, it becomes quite hard to breathe in the air due to the tiny bacteria & other organisms floating in the air. Also, cleaner air is most necessary when you’re cooking a meal. According to science, sunlight is a reliable source to clean the bacteria & thus clean the air. But most of the people can’t access the sunlight directly due to the design of their kitchen. A food range hood installation service will ensure that your air is always cleaner. The filter inside the cooker will inflow & outflow the wind from your kitchen & introduce a cleaner air back into it.

Reduces a significant amount of heat:

This benefit can’t be more stressed upon. Having a cooker range hood installed will diminish the excessive heat caused by cooking. Often it becomes hard to even breathe while cooking – due to the excess of heat. The fan in the cooker will ensure that there isn’t any uncontrollable heat inside the kitchen.

A stylish look:

Having a range hood installation service will ensure that your kitchen looks more modern, unique & stunning. Many brands in the market offer sleek, minimal & chrome designed hoods. These hoods can enhance the appeal of your kitchen manifolds.

Better resale value:

It’s also an important fact for those who are thinking about selling their property shortly. Having a range hood installation service will ensure that your property has a somewhat better resale value. While a hood might not add too much money, it will make a lot of difference.

Additional Lighting:

When a person is cooking at night especially, he/she might not want to turn on all the lights in the kitchen. A hood with sparkles in it can prove handy at such time. It’ll provide enough light for you to cook & do your chores. This a hood with additional lighting feature is coveted nowadays.
Now you’ll have more clarity in having a hood. Maybe you’ve already bought it & you’re just concerned about finding a professional installation service. Don’t worry. We at Install New Cookers have experienced professionals & we’re here to provide you with the right kind of services.

Why Choose Us?

As we’ve promised beforehand that we’ll discuss why our services will prove to be worthy for you. Here’re the details of our customer-oriented professional services.

We have technical experience:

We can’t be more humbly proud of the fact that we’ve handled many installations for our clients. Our installations not only included range hood installation service but other services like cooker, oven, dishwasher, dual fuel range & boiler installations as well. Our engineers are qualified and, always provide a professional yet friendly service to our clients.
Your satisfaction means a lot to us & therefore our installation services are designed to bring more value & joy to you. We have installed many appliances designed by major brands in the market. This experience has given us the technical expertise to handle any gas & electric appliance (cooker, oven, hood, boiler, dishwasher). Our specially designed services will be carried out in the following manner

Save you from a loss:

Our expert engineers, arriving at your property, will analyze the product thoroughly before installing it. This is to ensure that the product isn’t damaged & it might not cost you any inefficiency in the long run.

Make sure the connections won’t cause any problem:

Our engineers will then make sure that your current gas & electric connections are stable & don’t have any issues. This is to make sure that there isn’t any inconvenience caused to you in the future.

Remove the old appliance:

If you already have an inefficient or damaged hood installed & you want to replace it with the new one. You shouldn’t worry. Our skilled engineers will remove the old appliance for you. Our range hood installation service are designed to save you from any inconvenience.

Satisfy you:

Our engineers won’t leave until they ensure that everything is in perfect working order. This is to provide that our customers shall always be satisfied & pleased with our professional cooker hood installation service.For more information or queries feel free to ask us. Our customer representative team will be there to assist you with anything you need.

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