We make your home safe through expert gas hob installation London

We at Install New Cooker understands that an inefficient, careless & improper gas hob installation London can end up badly. It can cause a lot of damage to its surroundings – a house, office, restaurant or any other building. During our long experience of gas cooker installations, we have come upon many cases of improper fitting & unprofessional gas cooker installations. That’s why we have decided to hire & train only the professionals that are not only certified but also care humanely for the well-being of the customers they’re installing gas cookers for. Furthermore, our services aren’t just restricted to keeping your home safe but also to bring more value to your hard earned money. That’s why we offer affordable gas hob installation costs. Let us take you through the brief details of why we might be the best solution to your gas & electric cooker installations problems.

An improper gas hob installation London can be dangerous

There have been many instances in the past, where due to an improper fitting or poor installation service, the knobs on the gas hob or gas pipe was broken, damaged or loosely fitted & the gas kept leaking. This gas leakage can be the cause of an explosion that will destroy the surrounding & even the persons near it. Hiring reliable gas fitters to ensure that your home is never succumbed to even a minor gas leakage. Some people, even after noticing a minor gas leakage or fitting err, prefer not to hire an external help & end up damaging themselves.

gas hob installation London


A minor gas leak can gradually deplete the oxygen, resulting in suffocation. We at Install New Cooker, honestly realize the complexities a poor gas hob installation can cause & therefore always prefer to hire & train our engineers to be specialists of their field. They are not only adept at what they do but also care for the well-being of other human beings. That’s the reason when they arrive at some place to offer an affordable gas hob installation cost; they repeatedly ensure that nothing is left unaddressed & there is no issue retaining.

An electric hob installation London ensures your safety:

Not only the gas but improper installation of electric hob can also cause a fire in a home, office or a restaurant or any other building, for that matter. The reduced installation can because the team you’ve hired is not licensed, have incomplete equipment, isn’t experienced or qualified enough to install it correctly or doesn’t pay much attention towards their responsibility. You need to be careful in hiring the right kind of electric & gas hob installation London. While a gas hob might cause gas leakage, an electric hob, on the other hand, isn’t safe either (if not taken proper care of).


The fluctuation of voltage: excess or short circuit, might cause the hob to create a spark in the pipe. If there is a flammable material kept near the hob, it might catch fire & cause more damage than a person can think. We have handled many gases & electric hobs installation & there has never been an issue that stopped us in our steps. Our experts are efficient & they always pay more attention to ensure that your equipment is safely working & it won’t cause you any harm in the long term. Also, they offer reasonable gas hob installation cost.

How we do it?

We at Install New Cooker are a team of qualified & licensed gas engineers. Our priority is to provide you with an excellent professional electric & gas hob installation London. For that, we ensure that the only work you have to do is to buy a hob & that’s it. We’ll take it from there. Our engineers will help you in the following manner:

  • They’ll arrive at your doorstep on time.
  • They’ll run a preliminary analysis on the electric or gas equipment that you’ve purchased.
  • After ensuring the quality of the product & making sure that your product isn’t damaged or ruptured, they’ll prepare to install it.
  • They’ll analyze the space where you’ll want your equipment to fit: on a dedicated cooker or a slab.
  • Our engineers will cut off the gas for a while so that there isn’t any chance of gas leakage during the installation.
  • They’ll use their professional tools to fit the hob in the place perfectly.
  • Our engineers will turn on the gas & make sure that the equipment is working (or electricity in case of an electric hob)
  • After you’re fully satisfied with their services, they’ll take their leave.

Don’t worry about the safety of your home. When you hire our electric or gas hob installation London, your home will be safer as we genuinely care about our clients. That is the reason why we affordable electric & gas hob installation costs.

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