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One of the most critical questions that everyone – who loves cooking, baking or roasting – keep asking is, “How can I improve the efficiency of my cooking?”. Well, one of the most important solutions is to buy a dual fuel cooker. A dual fuel cooker since it was first introduced, has been making the lives of cooking lovers easy. However, installing a dual fuel cooker is necessary as well. That’s why we always encourage you to hire only professional dual fuel cooker installation service. Whether it be a 60, 90, 100 or even 110cm dual fuel cooker, you should always hire an expert to install your appliance. Let’s discuss more, how we prove to be the best dual fuel cooker 60cm installation service for you & what are the actual benefits of having a dual fuel cooker.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Cooker Installation

Before we delve into the details of having a dual fuel cooker. Let us describe in few words what a dual fuel is. A dual fuel cooker is just like your standard oven with the specialty that it has access to both fuels – electricity & gas. It uses gas for its top hob & electricity for its oven. In short, it means that you will have the advantages & efficiencies of both fuels in your cooking. Also, it comes in many different sizes & our services at Install New Cooker includes dual fuel cooker 60, 90cm installation. With us, size doesn’t matter as we have expertise in handling every kind of dual fuel cooker installation. Now about the benefits,

dual fuel cooker installation

Increases the efficiency:

Having a dual fuel cooker increases your efficiency manifolds. You don’t have to worry if there is a power outage & there is no power for the oven to start. The top hob in your cooker will use the gas as fuel & provide you the convenience of cooking even during a power outage. Whereas, having a standard electric cooker will fail you during the absence of electricity.

Cook & roast at the same time:

Another innovative benefit of having a dual fuel cooker 60cm, 90cm installed in your kitchen is that it offers you to cook two different recipes at the same time. You can cook a meal while roasting or baking a dessert in the oven. However, it doesn’t work in single oven/cooker. You have to have a double cooker.

More in control:

A dual fuel cooker gives you more control over the cooking & baking at the same time. You can set different temperatures during cooking. Maybe cook pasta on low heat on the hob while roasting a high turkey temperature in the oven. Thus a dual fuel cooker installation service will prove smart for you.

Comes in different sizes:

Dual Fuel cooker comes in different sizes. These are available in quantities of 50, 55, 60 & 90 cm. You can decide the size of cooker according to the open space in your kitchen. If your kitchen is quite compact a 50 cm or 55cm single dual fuel cooker or a dual fuel cooker 60cm installation would prove great for you. But if you have a large kitchen size, dual fire cooker 90, 100, 110cm installation can prove to be a more helping decision.

Installing the dual fire cooker, the right way

Some people prefer to install their dual fuel cooker by themselves – which is not recommended. We as electric & gas appliances expert have garnered enough experience & expertise to handle your dual fuel cooker installation correctly for you. Our adept gas engineers take training & combine those training with their practical experience to solve the issues for our customers. We have designed our serves around the requirements of our clients & we always strive to bring the most value & satisfaction for our clients. Our dual fuel cooker installation services are always handled professionally & responsibly. Our services include:

A licensed team:

Our team of gas engineers is fully qualified & certified. We realize that having a license along with expertise is the right way to do it & therefore we offer only the certified, professional & expert services.

Checking the Appliance for your safety:

When you’ll hire our services. Our expert engineer will arrive at your property. He/she will review the dual fuel cooker before anything. This is to make sure that the appliance isn’t already damaged or scratched or broken. It usually happens when the appliance is being transported to your place. After ensuring that your dual fuel cooker is in perfect order; our engineer will then begin the dual fuel cooker 60cm, 90cm installation.

Check the surroundings:

Our engineer will check to analyze if the gas connection & electricity power unit is in excellent condition. It is essential to review as it’ll ensure that there is no gas leakage or electrical spark in the future. Minor negligence can be the cause of a considerable loss. We at Install New Cooker always put your safety before anything & therefore make sure that everything is in excellent working order. You’ll be more than satisfied after observing our dual fire cooker 60cm installation service.

We believe in transparency

AlsoThat’s the reason we have clear prices. We don’t believe in burdening or deceiving our clients with hidden costs & therefore we don’t have any hidden extras. Just clear cut reasonable prices. We assure you that our dual fuel installation services (like our other services) will prove to be most promising for you. Our customer representative team will be there to assist you with anything you need.

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