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Having a double oven in the kitchen increases a person’s efficiency manifolds. Whether it be a restaurant, café or a house, double ovens have been making life easier since General Electronics first introduced it in 1980s (source: GE Appliances). However, in today’s times, a double oven isn’t considered as a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity (due to the benefits of it). We at Install New Cooker understand this necessity & therefore provide advance double oven installation services.

Why is double oven becoming the favorite?

There are many benefits of having a double oven installed in your kitchen. Whether you’re running a restaurant, café, bakery or you like to make your meal at home; a double oven will provide you some great benefits. We not only offer the perfect dual oven installation instruction & fitting services but we have also compiled a short list of the benefits which a double oven provides.

double oven installation


When there is a dinner or a party & a person has to cook several dishes; speed becomes necessary. The more speed a person will have, the more it’ll be easier to cook many recipes. A double oven offers just that kind of speed to you. You will be able to cook two dishes at different temperature at the same time. Thus giving you more speed to complete the menu.


If you have a large family, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage to cook for so many persons. It’ll consume so much time. Having a double oven will ensure that you can cook more dishes for your family at the same time. Thus saving you time.

More capacity:

A double oven is also better in the sense that it gives you more capacity to cook more food. It comes handy when there’re large quantities of food to cook. You can use the top oven to cook a light dish while the lower oven to roast a turkey, chickens or whatever you like. After buying a double oven, you’ll certainly need the best service to give you dual oven installation instruction & fitting.

Access to different temperature controls:

A double oven means that you’ll have two different temperature control options at your service. It is handy when you have to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures. You can use the upper oven to cook at low temperature & the lower oven to cook at a higher temperature or vice versa. But having a double oven means having more control over your cooking, baking & roasting. After buying a double oven, you can most certainly hire our professional services to save you the hassle & provide you with an expert double oven installation service.

Why do you need to be careful in choosing the right double oven installation service?

Let’s clear on one thing. An unprofessional service does more damage to you than anything else. Especially when you’re hiring such a service to install the costly double oven, if the service that you’re hiring isn’t experienced enough or careless, it might damage the appliance itself. Or what’s worse, put your & your loved one’s health at risk in the long term. Also, an unprofessional service might fit your double oven irresponsibly, thus resulting in reduced efficiency & the results. You’ll have to pay more for the bills but have lower capability produced from the double oven. To save yourself from any such nuisance, you have to be careful & only hire the best & reliable double oven installation instruction team.

Some disadvantages of having an unprofessional service or doing it yourself:

Installing a double oven in the most suitable & smooth way is necessary. Otherwise, it’ll just end up costing you more money than before. Such as:

Damaging the double oven:

Trying to install the double oven yourself can end up pretty badly. You might hurt the double oven in a way that can’t be remedied. The pipes can be damaged; the glass can be broken, or the knobs can come out. Some people also end up scratching their ovens badly in the process. That’s why we always take extra care in installing your double oven.

Not properly fitting it:

The other damage will be not correct to install the piping. If the pipes are left loosen, or the connections aren’t properly checked, a gas leakage might be caused. This gas leakage can be the cause of suffocation, other breath problems & even an explosion. Therefore, we always encourage our customers to hire us, as we have high expertise in double oven installation instructions.

Why Us?

The first reason for hiring us is the high expertise that we have gathered after handling many different installations. Our installation services are designed around our knowledge & the needs of our clients. Our hardworking gas engineers will not only fit the new double oven but will also remove the old one if you want to.
Also, they’ll run an analysis on the double oven to ensure that the appliance isn’t already damaged in any way. They’ll recheck after they complete the job for further assurance. Engineers will ensure that there isn’t any loose pipe or knob or any connection. Our best double oven installation services are customer oriented, time-saving, cost-efficient & save you from the hassle of doing it wrong.For more information or queries feel free to ask us. Our customer representative team will be there to assist you with anything you need.

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