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We at Install New Cooker understand your confusion when you can’t decide to buy the best cooker for you. It may be because of the design, shape, size, price or the fact that you want to switch from the old gas cooker to a new electric cooker. We as experts in electric, dual fuel & gas cooker installation Enfield have handled & installed many different kinds of gas cookers. These cookers were manufactured by some of the most renown & leading brands in the market. Our experts are licensed & keep things simple when you consult with us either on the safety or affordable electric & gas cooker installation prices. They use their broad experience to guide you in every possible way they can. If you’re one of the people, who are confused & can’t decide what to look for when buying a new electric, dual-fuel or gas cooker. We (based on our vast experience) have determined to compile an expert guide for you to bring more clarity to your decision. Just buy the cooker & don’t worry about the installation. We offer a safe & affordable gas cooker installation price.

You can rely on our advice based on our experience of Gas cooker installation Enfield

Different brands in the market mean that there are going to be many different options with the same purpose. Every brand tries to innovate for its customers & therefore offers something unique in their product. This uniqueness may be the design, shape, features or price. When a person decides to buy a new gas cooker for his/her kitchen, he/she might get confused among the broad ranges of gas cookers which so many brands offer. The person might consult with the friends, relatives or a colleague before finally paying up for the finally decided product. If you want a bit more expert advice to help you, we shall be proud to provide you with an opinion, based on our broad experience of installing the gas cookers from every leading brand in the market. You can decide to buy a gas cooker based on these facts:

gas cooker installation Enfield


There is currently a vast range of gas cookers available in different models in the market. The design can be sleek, basic, modern, minimal, retro, compact & thin & some others. Also, the fact can’t be denied that you can even customize the design of your gas cooker based on your needs. The model can impact the look of the kitchen you want to have. You may want to design your kitchen on a modern minimalistic theme & many brands are offering such minimal looking gas cookers. Buy one such compact size or retro based gas cooker & leave the gas cooker installation Enfield on us.


The size matters when deciding to buy a gas cooker. If a kitchen is quite compact & doesn’t have much space to adjust a full sized gas cooker, you can buy a small size freestanding cooker. The leading brands are offering these cookers in variable sizes ranging from 50 cm, 55 cm, & 60 cm. A person can decide the size depending on the available space in the kitchen. If the area isn’t an issue, then probably a full-size gas cooker will prove worthy of the kitchen’s space. As it offers a vast capacity range. Also, bigger size means that there will be more hobs on the cookers meaning more space for cooking versatility. You can decide according to the area & don’t worry about the installation. Our licensed professionals will take care of your electric or gas cooker installation Enfield.


Well, the price tag always matters. Being frugal means that you care about your hard-earned money & want to have the most value for it. There are many different gas cookers available at different price ranges. These prices can range anywhere from low to high. There are also some B rated cookers available on a price cut range, but as gas cooker installation price experts, we recommend you to buy a new gas cooker as it’ll prove to be a profitable long term investment. We understand that when a person is careful in purchasing a reasonably priced electric or gas cooker, he/she will also want to be reasonable in paying for its installation. That’s why we offer unbeatable electric or gas cooker installation prices.

Deciding between Gas Vs. Electric Vs. Duel Fuel Gas Cooker:

Many people choose to go with gas cooker & many prefer to buy electric cookers. While some want to have the best of both worlds & buy a Dual Fuel cooker. Here is a brief comparison of all three of the types to help you decide your favorite. Just determine your preference & contact us for best electric, dual fuel or gas cooker installation price.

Gas Cooker

A gas cooker is cheaper as compared to an electric or dual fuel cooker. Not only in the initial price but in the long term also. Also, many people prefer to use gas as their cooking fuel. They prefer the taste of meal cooked or baked on a gas cooker. Also, if there is ever a power outage, a gas cooker will still cook your meal.

Electric Cooker:

An electric cooker (source: no roofs) will heat up more easily than a gas cooker. Also, the heat produced from the electricity is more evenly distributed & drier. It results in better baking & roasting experience. Also, the electric cookers give you more control over the temperature, time & capacity.

Duel Fuel:

This type of cooker gives you the best of both worlds. It might be a bit costlier, but it gives you a gas hob & an electric oven. It means that you can have the pros of both fuel efficiencies. You can have the gas cooked meal taste while roasting your favorite meal in the electric oven. That way even in the face of a power outage, your cooker won’t go out. Just decide the best suitable cooker for yourself & leave the desired electric or gas cooker installation Enfield on us.Our customer representative team will be there to assist you with anything you need.

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