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Do you need help in setting up your new range cooker or oven and hob professionally connected? Our skilled engineers can take care of all your gas and electrical appliances. Our engineers are fully professional and registered that will be able to connect any Electric, Gas or Dual Fuel appliance lessening the stress of installing these large appliances.
We are specialists in installing cookers, ovens, and hobs, so we are familiar with all the major brands available in the UK. Due to this, we can make recommendations and avoid any issues. If you are not sure whether the cooker you have purchased will be suitable for your kitchen or are worried about compliance with regulations, give us a call, and we will be pleased to advise you regarding any potential issues.


Here is what we will do:

1. Our engineers will perform a full health and safety check, ensuring that the clearances above and around the cooker are suitable. Also, the isolation switch is easily accessible and away from the heat zone.

2. We will unbox your new appliance and inspect it for any damages. If there is an existing cooker installed, we will disconnect it.

3. We ensure that the present connections are safe to use and meet all the legal requirements. We check and verify that the gas supply is gas-tight and there is no issue.

4. Our engineers will test the appliance and make sure that it is working correctly and ready to use to the manufacturer's specifications. In the case of Dual Fuel cookers, we will test the independent electric circuit to ensure that everything is working correctly.

5. We will provide a Gas and Electric Appliance Installation certificate and visually inspect other appliances for safety. A certificate will also be provided for Dual Fuel cookers for the electric installation and safety checks.

Our Testimonials

Install New Cooker have earned a great reputation among customers, What our customers say!

Totally recommend, very professional and pleasant installers. Arrived when stated, kept minimal mess. Will use again in the future

VKim Tenpow

Profesional, highly skilled Engineering , best in the town! 5 star service

Simona Marina

Excellent service. Highly Recommended.

Ivan Dimitrov

Good experience and good professional

Cornelia Cornelia

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