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Installing the latest & different kinds of gas appliances is the necessity & demand of the modern era. Whether it’s making cooking easier by installing a gas range or using hot water in chilly winters by installing a gas boiler; having a great gas appliance is very necessary. But buying a great appliance isn’t just it. You’ll need to have a reliable gas appliance installation London too. We at Install New Cooker, understand your concern for having the right kind of installation services. One that’ll make the work easier for you while not costing you a fortune. That’s why we have designed our installation services to be the most satisfying gas appliance installation near me.

Your safety is our priority

We at Install New Cooker are a team of experienced, expert & responsible gas engineers. We have worked in the gas appliance installation field with great determination & diligence. After installing many electric & gas appliances manufactured by leading brands in the market; we have come upon this stage where we consider ourselves the most reliable & suitable gas appliance installation near me services. Our services include (but not limited to):

gas appliance installation London

Gas Range/Cooker installation:

The most vital part that completes a kitchen is the gas range/cooker. Especially if a person is a passionate chef or an ambitious cook. He/she’ll love to have a perfect gas cooker installed in the kitchen. Having a gas cooker/range installed ensures the fact that you can experiment with many different cuisines. Even if you’re an occasional cook, a gas cooker/range is a necessity for you. But buying a gas cooker isn’t enough. To install it correctly is a critical task too. We realize this fact & therefore provide the best gas appliance installation London.

Gas Oven Installation:

For those who are in the bakery business, or love to roast & bake different recipes. A cooker isn’t the answer. The best solution is installing a gas oven in your kitchen. Especially, if you love to cook desserts for your family & friends. Or roast a delicious meal for dinner. You’ll be amused to buy a gas oven. May it be a wall-fixed or a freestanding oven. But what’s the next part after buying that new oven? It’s installing it correctly. That’s where we come in. Hire our gas appliance installation near me service & forget about the toils & physical labor of fitting it yourself.

Boiler Installation:

Who can disagree with having a boiler in their house? A boiler is one of the most critical electric or gas appliance in your home. It ensures that you’ll have warm water whenever you need it. But installing a boiler isn’t an easy task. Also, doing it yourself can damage the appliance itself (we’ll discuss more on that in a while). Whereas we – after handling many installations – have the most related technical expertise in installing a boiler.

Electric or gas hobs:

If you have decided to design your kitchen seamlessly. You’ll most probably want the hob to be installed in such a way that it gives a flawless look. At Install New Cooker, we understand our customer’s needs & therefore design our gas appliance installation service near me accordingly.

Other services

Our services include installing almost every kind of electric & gas household appliance. Whether you want to install a washing machine, refrigerator, dual fuel oven, dishwasher or any such appliance; you can hire our expert electric & gas appliance installation.

Choosing to install it yourself might be more damaging than you think:

However, sometimes a person may decide to go for a DIY (Do it Yourself) installation. But keeping in our experience in view & many instances that have to end up damaging for the DIY projects – many people have had; It is probably the best to hire a professional gas appliance installation near me service. To bring more clarity to you, we’ll discuss below the disadvantages of fitting an electric & gas appliance yourself.

It can damage the appliance itself:

If a person is not an expert in handling electric & gas appliances. The chances are that he/she might end up hurting the appliance itself – trying to fix it. The appliance doesn’t come cheap. Especially appliances like boilers & ovens. If you don’t want to waste your money, you should hire a professional gas appliance installation service near me like ours. We have the right kind of expertise & we’ll use it to bring the most value to you.

Can cause severe damage to your health & your loved ones’:

Trying to fit a gas appliance like a gas hob or a cooker can be harmful to your health in the short & long term. You might leave some big pipe or nozzle lose & that’ll cause gas leakage. This gas leakage can even be the cause of an explosion. At the least the minor leakage will deplete the oxygen in the air, thus resulting in suffocation. Hiring our professional gas appliance installation London services will ensure that your safety is always kept first. We guarantee that you are never exposed to any harm.Our customer representative team will be there to assist you with anything you need.

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